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Important, Please Read Before Continuing

  • If you have more than one location, please fill out this form once for each location
  • Your business name, phone number and address should all be exactly as you want them displayed on your website and other public directory websites (Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.).
    • 480-111-2222 / (480) 111-2222 / 480.111.2222 are all considered different.
    • Joe's Plumbing, Joe's Plumbing, LLC. / Joe's Plumbing LLC / Joe's Plumbing, LLC are all different.
    • 1111 N. 10th St. / 1111 N 10th Street / 111 North 10th St are all different.
    • PICK A FORMAT AND STICK TO IT! Try your best to update this information wherever you can if it is listed publicly.
    • Consistency is key!
    • You are not required to include LLC. or Inc., but remember, it needs to be listed the same everywhere online. (Your website, Google+ Profile, Yelp Listing, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, Better Business Bureau)
    • If you aren't sure, please check with us and we can run some reports to see if your business is listed a certain way more predominantly online.
  • The information you submit on this form will be used by us from now on and cannot be easily changed.
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  • Company logo ( Preferably .png or vector format and the larger the better - small logos don't work well )
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