Help: Sharing Your Google My Business Profile

Please follow the instructions below in order to grant us access to your Google My Business profile.

1. Go to and click “Sign In” if you aren’t already.  (Note: You must sign into the Google/Gmail account that has your Google My Business profile).

*Note: You may need to click the circle / image in the upper right corner if you are logged into multiple Google accounts.

2. Once you are logged in to the correct Google account and looking at your business profile(s), click “See Your Profile)

3. Once you can see your business profile, click the 3 dots next to “Profile Strength” and choose “Business Profile Settings”

4. Next choose “People and Access”

5. Click “Add” and then enter [email protected] into the email field and then click on the email address that it finds (it will show two, clicking on either is fine). It will then confirm and move the email up above like in the example pictures.

Please make us an owner for the role as wellYou will still be the primary owner and have full control and we can never change this or remove you – Only you the primary owner can remove or change permission levels of people.