How to Claim Your Google My Business Listing for a Senior Care Website

A Google My Business listing is a great way to reach local clients. It’s free to use and will
increase your chances of being discovered. It also helps potential clients find your physical
location, boosts search visibility, and provides another channel for communication. If you set it
up correctly, your Google My Business listing can serve as a powerful tool for your senior care
How to Create a New Google My Business Listing
You can create a new My Business listing if one doesn’t already exist. To begin, create or log
into a Google account. Once you are in, navigate to and provide the
following information:
  • Business Name
You will be asked to enter your senior care business name. This is also an opportunity to
make sure that a listing doesn’t already exist. In some cases, an unverified listing may be
created even if you don’t have an account set up.
As you type your name, the form will show potential matches. If you don’t see your
company, click the blue “Add your business to Google” link at the bottom of the page
and continue.
  • Physical Location & Service Area
You will be asked if you would like to add a physical location for your facility. This
should be a place that clients can visit, so make sure you direct them to the right area for
Once you choose yes or no, you will be asked to provide locations where you serve your
customers. This information is used to create your local service area, so keep your target
demographic in mind.
  • Business Category
Now you will need to categorize your senior care business. Google has pre-made
categories listed. You must find one that is the best match. You can add more categories
or change your category later. This may take a few tries, depending on your business.
Some categories are specific, and others may not be specific enough.
  • Contact Information
After categorizing, you will have an opportunity to enter contact information. You can
add a phone number or URL. There’s also an option for businesses that do not need a
website. You must enter at least one option to continue.
Once you have submitted the information, Google will ask you to verify your mailing address.
You can do this now or verify later by clicking the link below the form. After finishing the last
step, you will load into the Google My Business dashboard where you can manage your listing.
It’s important to mention that you will have to enter your mailing address at some point if you
skipped this step. This is required to finish the verification. Google will send a postcard with a code
to the address you provide. This must be entered to access all features.
How to Claim a Google My Business Listing
You can request ownership of a Google My Business listing that already exists. To do this,
follow the same initial steps by logging into an account and going to
Enter your business name and check the list that auto-populates. This will show you all matches.
Also, search for any spelling variations that might exist.
Once you find your listing, click on it. If the listing is already claimed, you will be given the
option to recover the email address or request ownership from the current owner.
If no one has claimed your listing, then you can complete the process and move on to verification
as described above.
Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing
A fully optimized listing will be beneficial for your senior care business. The following steps will
help you improve your information and increase your reach:
  • Verify Listing Content
– Make sure your business name and information are consistent.
Both should appear the same everywhere and show the correct spelling and details. This
is also a good opportunity to check any other business-related profiles, including your
social media accounts.
  • Use Google My Business Posts
– Google My Business includes a feature called Posts.
This allows you to add content to your listing. You can post about business-related news,
events, and more. Post regularly to keep your content fresh and active. It’s also a chance
to talk about what makes your senior care business stand out.
  • Upload Appealing Photos
– Photos are essential on the internet. This is also true with
your Google My Business listing. Find or take some attractive, high-resolution
photographs of your business and upload them. These should showcase your facility,
staff, and services and make internet users want to contact you to learn more.
Digital Marketing for Your Senior Care Business
The promotional tools you have available are only going to be as effective as you make them.
Senior Care Websites provides digital marketing services that will optimize your listings and
help you reach a bigger audience. Let us improve your Google My Business listing and help you
become a leader in the senior care industry.
Contact us today to discuss your marketing, website
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