SEO Beyond Google: Why Your Senior Living Business Needs Directory Listings

There’s no denying the power of Google. The search engine processes over 40,000 search queries per second. That’s 3.5 billion searches daily and 1.2 trillion annually. However, Google search result pages are not the only thing you should be concerned about. There are also online directory listings.

What Are Online Directories?

Online directories are submission services that categorize entries and publishes them online. These websites are sometimes referred to as a link or web directory. Most have a general scope, which means they cover a broad range of categories and geographic regions. Others may be more specialized with a focus on a certain industry, niche, or area. For example, there are shopping directories that only list retail websites.

There are also industry-specific directories for senior living businesses. These are intended to connect facilities and caregivers with the people that need their services. If your senior care business doesn’t appear in as many relevant directories as possible, then you could be missing a valuable lead channel.

How Much Information Should I Add to a Directory Listing?

You should always try to include as much information as possible when building online directory profiles. Your basic information should be there. It should also be listed consistently. Make sure you type out your business name, phone number, and address the same way each time. It looks more professional and helps pull your listings together when people or web crawlers come across them.

Some directories may include more than basic contact information in their listings. You may be able to upload one or more photos, a logo, and more details about your facility or service. Some also incorporate client reviews.

Take advantage of all these things to provide a complete look at who you are and what you have to offer. Images are especially important because they catch the eye and can draw interest quicker than text typically does. If possible, upload images that show the inside and outside of your facility. You can use these to create a virtual tour-like experience that will help sell your service.

The Benefits of Online Directory Listings

What are the advantages of listing your senior care business in an online directory?

  • You Can Own Your Listings – There is a good chance that one or more directories may already have your business listed. That’s because some of them extract data from other directories. However, those listings may be incomplete or contain inaccurate information. Own your listings so you can keep everything up to date.
  • Take Control of Your Online Reputation – Your online reputation can mean the difference between generating hundreds of new leads or losing business. Creating and maintaining online directory listings is one way to control your reputation on the web. Make sure you are on top of any issues posted in reviews and update information whenever necessary. You can also refresh listings with new photos to entice visitors to contact you.
  • Improve Your Business’ Visibility – More listings will mean more visibility for your senior living business. If you are not there, then anyone using that directory will not find you. Make your services as accessible as possible with relevant listings that your audience is likely to look for and use.
  • Build Brand Awareness – Online directories present another opportunity to build brand awareness. Make sure everything is consistent and points users to the right places. Your target demographic should begin to recognize you right away, no matter what platform they are searching.
  • Establish More Backlinks – When you set up an online directory listing, you get a backlink. This is another path that guides traffic to your main pages. Web crawlers follow backlinks from one web page to another. Having these links will help your site get indexed in search engines faster.

How Do I List My Senior Living Business in Online Directories?

The first thing you should do is search online directories for your business. If you find an entry already there, begin the process of claiming your listing. You should also take this opportunity to review the profile and make changes as needed.

The instructions for adding an unlisted business will vary from one directory to the next. For example, the Better Business Bureau includes an option to submit a request to be added if you search for a business that isn’t in their directory. You can click the link and fill out the form to get started.

Some directories are free, like a Google My Business listing. Others may require a fee to appear in the directory. You should focus on finding directories that are more likely to attract your target audience. Websites that provide elder care and assisted living resources, as well as those for people with disabilities, are going to give you the best results.

There are many directories on the web. It can take a lot of time to seek out the ones that will be the most beneficial. A website and SEO expert can shoulder that burden so you can focus on growing your business. Contact Senior Care Websites today to discover new ways to generate leads with online directory listings.