Retiree-Friendly Startups: 10 Tech Companies That Are Improving the Lives of Seniors

There’s a stereotype that has been going around in this digital age about seniors being afraid of technology. The reality is that this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Many older people have made social media, smartphones, and the internet a regular part of their day. In response, some startups are offering services that can improve the lives of seniors all over the world.

  1. Eligible Helps Seniors Navigate the Medical Industry

The medical industry is no walk in the park. Anyone who isn’t a healthcare professional may feel overwhelmed when they or a loved one fall ill, become injured, or need managed services due to aging. Eligible helps clear the way by removing the confusion and providing straightforward answers. Seniors and their families can make better decisions and deal with fewer billing mistakes.

  1. CareMessage Brings Care to More Seniors

It would be nice to know that every person discharged from every hospital has a safe, comfortable place to call home. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Many people who are low-income or belong to disenfranchised groups have nowhere to go and fall between the cracks of a system that ignores them. CareMessage utilizes mobile technology to help engage these individuals and make the care and services they need more accessible.

  1. Honor Helps Seniors Live Better

Honor was created to assist seniors who require home care. This startup provides support for a long list of common tasks and concerns so that users can live independently. Family members, caregivers, and patients can interact in real-time. Honor also assists with grocery shopping, meal prep, housekeeping, personal care, and transportation as well as medication reminders.

  1. Cake Helps Answer Difficult Questions

Discussing end-of-life arrangements is not easy, but it is necessary to ensure that a love one’s wishes are followed. Cake is a platform designed for seniors to help them deal with this emotionally challenging task. Questions are presented that seniors can work through to provide their families with information on funeral plans, healthcare-related preferences, legal and financial decisions, and legacy or memorial ideas.

  1. 23andMe Sheds Light on Ancestry

23andMe is a company that offers genetic testing that sheds light on a person’s ancestry. A sample of saliva is sent in and a report is generated with details on where the person’s ancestors came from as well as family health concerns and other traits. 23andMe started back in 2006, but recently earned FDA approval to supply genetic tests for conditions like Alzheimer’s, Macular Degeneration, Parkinson’s disease and Celiac disease, making it a worthy addition to this list.

  1. Renew Reduces Retirement Stress

Renew is a platform that offers guidance for retirees. Seniors can learn about the process and avoid common obstacles and myths. User-friendly features help people plan for all aspects of retirement including financial, social, and health needs.

  1. Hometeam Empowers Caregivers & Their Clients

Hometeam provides services for caregivers and their clients. The startup nurtures a culture of caring with full-time employment opportunities that come with coaching, training, and benefits. This has improved the quality of care seniors receive and increased overall satisfaction levels for both the client and caregiver.

  1. Rendever Lets Seniors Travel with VR Technology

Technology can take people to new places, even if they cannot leave their residence. Rendever utilizes virtual reality to allow seniors to travel to different times and places. Seniors can revisit their childhood home or explore exotic destinations. Along with a memorable experience, Rendever hopes to provide relief for seniors who experience depression and isolation to bring them a higher quality of life.

  1. Papa Brings Generations Closer Together

Papa was created around the idea that bringing older and younger generations together can have a positive impact on seniors. The platform lets seniors connect with college students who provide a variety of services like assistance with household chores, technology support, transportation, or companionship.

  1. Joany Helps Seniors Find Healthcare

Joany helps seniors build a personalized health care plan that fits their medical needs. Users can search highly-rated medical professionals, find assistance when contesting or reading medical bills, and enroll in health plans.

Technology can help seniors find the healthcare, home care, and companionship they need to live out their years in comfort and happiness. Retirees and their families can also visit our senior living directory to connect with qualified service providers in their area.