Online Reputation Management: Generating Reviews for Your Senior Living Facility

Every business owner needs to manage their online reputation – especially those who work in the senior care industry. Families need to know that you are the best choice for their loved one. Whether you’re providing a medical service or long-term living arrangements, consumers will not consider you if you do not appear experienced and trustworthy. That’s why reviews are your greatest source of leads.

How Do I Get Clients to Leave Reviews?

Convincing people to leave reviews can be tricky. You must be tactful. If you seem too eager or pushy, you could put off a client. And for some, no review doesn’t necessarily mean a bad experience. It could just mean they forgot or simply don’t take the time to post a review.

That isn’t how other consumers will see it, though. When a potential client searches for you online, they expect to read about past experiences. They want to see that you have built a good reputation with reliable, high-quality services. They also want to see that you handle issues or concerns with professionalism and care. There are a few things you can do to encourage clients to post their feedback online:

  • Add a Message on Business Cards – You can include a brief message on all business cards and stationery that mentions where a review can be posted. You can also include text that reads “tell us about your experience” or “share your thoughts.” You can come up with wording that matches the personality of your business.
  • Remind Them with Targeted Emails – If you have an email list for your business, consider using this to generate reviews. Include a short section in newsletters or other communications that shares how to leave a review. This works best if it is added on to an email that provides value or insight for the recipient, like a list of tips or information on senior care.
  • Ask Your Best Clients for Reviews – Chances are your facility has regular clients. They have been with you long-term and are likely satisfied with your service. They may be a good starting point to request reviews. If you receive a compliment from a client, this is a great opener to ask them to post a review.
  • Increase Engagement Online – Online engagement will expand your reach. It’s also helpful when trying to get people to leave reviews. Communicate with your audience on social media, in forums, and anywhere else you can. Responding to questions and comments reminds clients to post reviews and sends a positive message about your business.
  • Send Thank You Notes with a Soft Sell – You can send out thank you notes to clients that includes a soft request for a review. Much like the emails, the focus should not be on getting the review but on showing appreciation for the client and their family. One way to approach this is to word your request as something like “You can help others learn about our service by sharing your experience here.”

Excellent service is also a factor when it comes to getting reviews. If you continue to offer the best care for your clients, then eventually someone will talk about it online. As you try other methods, remember to continue to provide great care, and eventually the reviews will appear.

What If My Senior Care Business Already Has Reviews?

Seeing positive reviews for your business can be very satisfying. Just remember that your job isn’t done yet. This should be an ongoing process.

Consumers are concerned with up-to-date information and fresh content. They recognize when something is old or stagnate. You may have many reviews posted, but if they are from months or years ago, they will not work as effectively as new feedback does.

A 2018 study found that 85% of consumers think that any reviews that are over three months old are not relevant. Around 40% of consumers only care about reviews posted in the last 14 days. That statistic increased by 18% from 2017. It shows a trend that is likely to continue.

You should always take steps to encourage clients to post reviews. Your social media profiles, directory listings, and website should appear active. That includes what you post and what your audience shares.

Breaking into Video Reviews

Consumer reviews are evolving. What was once text and a number or star rating has now pushed into the realm of video. Every mobile phone has a built-in camera, which means anyone can record video without expensive equipment. More consumers are turning to this type of media to express thoughts and share testimonials online.

Video reviews can feel more personal, allowing the reviewer to emphasize their words with body language, facial expressions, props, and more. These are often uploaded to popular sites like Facebook and YouTube. When a client posts a video review, make sure you take advantage of this resource by sharing it on your social media pages and website. It helps others understand why you may be the best choice for their loved one and it encourages other clients to do the same.

Managing Your Business’ Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation means many different things. Just like other aspects of online marketing and SEO, you must take multiple avenues if you want to reach more people. A professional reputation management service can provide the solutions you need without the time investment.

The experts at Senior Care Websites understand this process and how it applies to your industry. Get in touch today to find out how we can build your online reputation and help your business earn more lead-generating reviews.